HOSPISOFT offre la possibilité de consulter le patient de son entrée jusqu à sa sortie.

 la solution contient plusieurs motifs déjà prédéfinis avec la possibilité d’en rajouter. Ces motifs sont enregistrés sur un corps humain pour rendre la Solution plus interactive.

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Centre médical d’ophtamologie de Douala Nord

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Caisse Nationale de prévoyance sociale

Brian specializes in treating skin, hair, nail, and mucous membrane. He also address cosmetic issues, helping to revitalize the appearance of the skin and nails.

Centre Médical de FEB

Andaloro graduated from medical school and completed 3 years residency program in pediatrics. She passed rigorous exams by the American Board of Pediatrics.

Dupree Black

Black diagnose and treat diseases of the urinary tract in both men and women. He also diagnose and treat anything involving the reproductive tract in men.

Markus skar

Skar play a very important in your health care. People working in the clinical laboratory are responsible for conducting tests that provide crucial information.

Kiano Barker

Barker help care for patients every day by providing their doctors with the information needed to ensure appropriate care. He also valuable resources.